Monday, May 23, 2011

Advertise in June!

As of May 23rd...

47,000+ monthly page views
28,000+ monthly visits
16,000+ unique monthly vistors
870+ followers through google friend connect
507+ twitter followers
201+ facebook followers
85+ pinterest followers
78+ bloglovin followers
55+ picplz followers

To advertise/sponsor on IROCKSOWHAT, you need either-

160x200 sized ad for 25.00 monthly (all out of this sized spot!)
160x120 sized ad for 15.00 monthly (Limited availability, first come first serve)
160x60 sized ad for 10.00 monthly

All ads/sponsors will be featured in a blog post once a month.

I'm open to advertise/sponsor almost anyone! I'm interested in all things small business (your etsy shop for instance), awesome blogs, or even websites. 

I'm also really excited about opening up this blog to reviews/giveaways... so if you'd like to email me about that, I'd be so stoked. 

If you're ready or have questions about advertising/sponsoring/reviews/giveaways on IROCKSOWHAT, please email me at

I'm so excited and willing to work with you!

FINE PRINT: (haha) My pricing is subject to change! Payments are due on the 30th of May and your "rented" space is good till the last day of June. I will also be accepting payments through PayPal. 

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