Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ashley from The Peanut Gallery guest posts!

Whoa, talk about small world. Ashley is a new blogger friend that I've made... but really, I'm surprised we haven't crossed paths long ago. Her fiance is actually a friend of my friend and well, it just kinda goes on and on. But we know a lot of the same people and it's just weird that we met through the blogosphere instead of in real life. She also has a cute little handmade etsy shop.

Anyway, I asked her to guest post for me on here because I think she's a rad girl and has such a sweet life.
So, read on....


Hey friends!
I'm Ashley stopping by from The Peanut Gallery. For those of you who have never been over yonder here is a quick snippet about yours truly.
I'm a 22 year old momma to a 22 month old fire cracker named Peyton. I'm engaged to her daddy and planning our September 2012 wedding. I graduated from WVU last August with a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising and working on my own Etsy shop.... yadda yadda ya wanna know more visit my blog.

Moving on. As a sponsor for May Jess asked if I wanted to do a giveaway/review/or guest post and I told her to pick one it didn't matter. When she said gust post I got really nervous. Yeah I post about nonsense on the daily but taking over someone elses blog, one that people actually read none the less, it's intimidating. I seriously have been contemplating what to write about for the past few weeks it's been making me crazy! I know I'm a dork.
Anyway I thought about doing a 'What Iv leaned as a mom' post or a 'DYI' or you know the typical guest posts  but none of what I had to say really seemed to interest me which means it probably wouldn't interest you. Then I thought to myself, self, what are you passionate about? Write about that. So here I am today and the topic I chose to post about is shark conservation. Wait really? yeah.

An average of 100 million sharks are killed every year by humans. 100 MILLION people.. a year. That's just ridiculous. Why? Several reasons but the main one is shark fining which is basically catching sharks, cutting off all there fins, and throwing them back in the ocean. Oh did I mention they are alive? Ick awful.
I don't want this post to be some long educational bore. I just want to make you all aware that this is going on because I know it doesn't get talked about much. I want to point it out so that if it does seem to interest you, you can read up more about it and learn ways to help prevent it.

Sharks fins are not the only thing used in products. Be aware that all parts of the shark can be used in products and read labels before you buy. I once bought stretch mark cream and when I opened the bottle I almost barfed at how awful it smelled. I read the label and it had shark liver oil in it. Gag me. Epic Fail. Here is a list of shark parts and what they might be used for. Knowledge is key people.

Oceans need Sharks in order to be healthy so do what you can to help this happen.


Sign the pledge

Read up on more ways to help 

If we don't start acting now we might be telling our grandchildren about the Great White Shark that once roamed the Earth but is now as intangible and mysterious as the dinosaurs.

Thanks for having me Jess and I hope I didn't bore you all to death!

xo Ashley

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