Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Camera 360 app

Well, this post is NOT for all of you swanky iPhone users.

I am an android girl. Not on purpose, but I've had Verizon for 5 years and up until recently, iPhone wasn't available to us (my upgrade isn't until February and I will promptly be getting a brand spankin' iPhone). Anyway, so we make due with whatever apps we can, and if you're a photo freak like me, having a cool camera app that makes your crappy cell phone camera look semi decent is a must.

So, check out Camera 360! I have actually just discovered it, so sorry to those that have used it for years blah blah blah... I haven't. It's awesome!

These were all taken on the Lomo setting -

Pretty cool huh? And these were NOT touched up on photoshop. So, screw you photoshop! I can have cool pics straight from my phone! 

I'm also really into the 1839 camera setting. It makes an awesome vintage photo look.

Camera 360 offers a bunch of cool camera looks. You should check it out! 

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