Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fine fine day!

What a gloriously fine day it was yesterday! We spent most of it lounging outside on an old quilt. The breeze was very light and airy and the sun was just so warm on my skin. I pretty much just soaked as much of it in as I could. We also walked to the park, which is probably like a mile away? Josh and I have been trying to walk a couple of miles everyday if we can. It's been going well.

I really want to UP my activity levels though. So I guess lounging in the grass is just not going to cut it anymore... I'm thinking of giving my 30 day shred DVD another go. I probably only did 2 weeks of it last time... ugh... has anyone actually had any real success with that DVD? I mean, I obviously know that I'd have to do it more than 30 days (why would they market it like that I have no idea!), but did anyone see any real progress?

Isn't this picture kinda cute? We all have sleepy eyes and our pajamas/lack of clothing. I had to pretty much force Josh to let me take this picture... haha! 

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