Friday, May 27, 2011

Ghetto Pool

I'm so glad that Wyatt loves the simple things in life. There's a lot you can learn from being a kid. Just to enjoy things and have fun no matter where you are. To Wyatt, happiness is a tupperware storage container filled with water. :)

We had to beat the heat yesterday. 100 degrees is a little much... even for me. So we improvised in the pool department. This weekend I plan on getting him one of those cheap little wading pools, but for now, this plastic tub will do. He loved it just the same. 

And yes, I did turn my AC on finally. I'll probably turn it off today since it's supposed to be 80, but yesterday was ridiculous and we were dying. UGH. How did people do it before AC?!

(I still have a few ad spots left, if you're interested holla back)

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