Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Yesterday was really low key. I took a nap that was pretty epic. I actually really needed to. We've been staying up till 2 every night watching Sons of Anarchy... and now that we're done seasons 1 and 2, onto 3. Guys, I'm super addicted to this show. Josh and I will look at each other and be like, "Okay, another one?" and we both agree being exhausted is worth it. Except I'm the one waking up early... hmm... something's not right here.

Wyatt is doing pretty good lately too! He's really into spaghetti and pizza and raviolis. I'm starting to think the answer to his eating adversions is just covering the stuff in zesty tomato sauce. 

We've also started training Wyatt recently to be a Jedi. It's going good. 

So, are you all going to be barbecuing it up today? I hope so!

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