Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! - Steppin' Out

Happy Mother's Day! I hope everyone is having a great day! I know I am just being with my family. We're going to cook out and just worship me today. You know, the usual.

These pictures are from yesterday (Saturday). We took a three mile walk and it really felt so great. Josh and I are trying to walk a couple of miles everyday if we can. It's been so good and we're having super great conversations too. I suggest everyone go walk with their spouse or significant other. So good to get out in nature. 

What I wore:
TANK - (also a giveaway going on here for Boden clothes!)
SKIRT - super old school Target. Does that qualify as vintage?
FLOPS - Target
SUNNIES - Target 

What Wyatt wore:
T-SHIRT - babyGap
(He's been wearing these since he was about 9 months old! 
They're capris now, but I think it's great for summer)
SNEAKS - Converse 
(handme downs from here! People are amazing! 
Sarah sent me a bunch of shoes that her son no longer fits into!
 I love getting good handme downs!)

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