Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How I'm teaching Wyatt to eat...

enjoying chili with ground beef! i can't believe my child loves such spicy food! and i put jalapeno in my chili.

I've been frustrated in the food department for quite some time with Wyatt. And honestly, it's all been my fault. Yes toddlers are known to have food aversions, but I feel like I gave up way too quickly if he showed any disinterest in what was in front of him. Here are some things I've done to help change Wyatt's eating habits -

1. NO MORE SNACKING ALL DAY. Yes, that may be pretty extreme. And when I say snack, I mostly mean crackers and goldfish. He still gets plenty of apple slices, so I guess you can count them as a snack... sort of? Except I think it's mostly his breakfast.

2. NO MORE EATING WHILE WALKING AROUND/PLAYING/WATCHING TV. All meals are to be eaten in his high chair. I think this really enforces that it's time to eat and this is where we eat. Since he's not that big of a talker yet, it's nice that he can go to his high chair and kinda show me that he wants to eat. This has saved a lot of headaches. Also, if I do give him a snack, like apple slices, he eats it in his high chair.

3. I DON'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. Well, not at first anyway. I find that if I leave him alone to explore his food, a lot of the times it ends up in his mouth. So if he refuses something at first, even if he's crying, I'll walk away and let him just figure things out on his own. I can't believe the things he's actually been eating this week. Things I always just blew off because he had fought me on them for so long, like meat for instance! This boy has eaten ground beef almost everyday. I honestly can't believe it. I do not feed Wyatt with a spoon (HE OUT AND OUT REFUSES. MOUTH WIRED SHUT!) and he hates when I hover him (very independent kid, I swear), so giving him some privacy has really helped.


1. Teaching Wyatt how to use utensils. We're so late in the game with this. I was so lazy about getting serious about Wyatt's eating habits, that I didn't even really care about the utensil knowledge. I SUCK! Once or twice we've shown him how to use a fork and he jabbed some macaroni or something with slight success, so I'm sure I can get him using a fork or spoon in no time. 

2. Eating vegetables. I gotta find a way for him to eat vegetables that are not hidden in his food. I think it's really important to teach him to eat them the way they are (mostly, of course maybe with some slight alterations - like cheese on top). 


The hardest part about teaching Wyatt to really eat REAL food was probably the first day when I wouldn't let him eat crackers all day. I felt so much guilt! I knew he was hungry, but he was so stubborn and refused to eat anything else (except apples which I made him eat in his high chair and that royally pissed him off). I know he was holding out for the crackers. But the second day he gave in and ate up whatever I served him.

Wyatt is now eating about 2-3 real meals a day. He's naturally not a big eater, so I feel like these are pretty good numbers. He does get a lot of smoothies still and an occasional pediasure drink plus all the milk he wants.

So, this is what we've been dealing with lately! HAHA!

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