Friday, May 13, 2011

Looking for June Sponsors!

 This blog is about 2.5 years old and already we're experiencing astronomical numbers! According to my Stat Counter I have had over 116,553 first time visitors and over 356,291 page loads since 2010. For the past four months (Febraury - May) I've had over 61,374 FIRST TIME visitors... so this site is growing.  My blog is viewed on average 2,036 times a day. I'm sure with these numbers you will see an increase in your site traffic.
my numbers according to May 13, 2011

To advertise/sponsor on IROCKSOWHAT, you need either-

160x200 sized ad for 25.00 monthly (ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!)
160x120 sized ad for 15.00 monthly (Limited availability, first come first serve)
160x60 sized ad for 10.00 monthly

All ads/sponsors will be featured in a blog post once a month.

I'm open to advertise/sponsor almost anyone! I'm interested in all things small business (your etsy shop for instance), awesome blogs (please have a blog that is at least 1 years old...), or even websites. 

I'm also really excited about opening up this blog to reviews/giveaways... so if you'd like to email me about that, I'd be so stoked. 

If you're ready or have questions about advertising/sponsoring/reviews/giveaways on IROCKSOWHAT, please email me at

I'm so excited and willing to work with you!

FINE PRINT: (haha) My pricing is subject to change! Payments are due on the 30th of May and your "rented" space is good till the last day of June. I will also be accepting payments through PayPal. 

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