Sunday, May 1, 2011

Making mini pizzas!

Remember yesterday when I posted about how I don't care that Wyatt is eating all those pizza bites 'cause I make him veggie packed smoothies? Well, I do care. I really started to feel bad about it today when he had bagel bites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So I decided that I'll be making him his own little pizzas from now on. I bought whole grain thin sandwich buns and made him his own sauce and put on a pretty decent cheese. Seasoned it a bit and served it up. I felt like such a better mother. At least I know he's eating something healthier than those instant things.

I have ideas about incorporating hidden veggies and proteins into the sauce. This was just the first time I made it for him, and he was kinda hungry so I wasn't trying to play around. 

I know that this is seriously no big deal and that I didn't think of anything completely out of this world, but, alas - I am a new mother and every time I do something better or do something right, I feel way better about myself and just want to share it with other people. 

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