Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Marriage is tough

Eh, yesterday was so-so. Josh and I bickered a lot. I hate days like that because it totally sets the mood terribly and it's a hard funk to get out of. We did end up over coming it after a long nap and a nice stroll around our neighborhood. Sometimes being married is really hard and it's so frustrating that you have to deal with crappy moods and stuff. I'm just as guilty. I can be such a jerk and I know I take it out on him. I think yesterday we just weren't on the same page. We both tried to be nice to each other at opposite times. When he was trying, I was irritated and pissed and it would set the mood back to crappy again, and then vice versa. I'm glad that everyday is a new day though. It's nice to be with someone that loves me so much that they're willing to work with me despite our differences (and boy, are there a lot! You would never believe how different we are!). 

josh looks pissed, but he's just kinda blinded from the flash on my phone. :)

Being married can be so tough! You definitely gotta take the good with the bad and learn to compromise. My hardest issue is just giving in. I am very independent and want what I want, then add the factor of a baby in the mix and BAM! Arguing all day! We have a great relationship though and actually don't fight that often anymore... but the first few years were hard. Everything was so intense and everything hurt my feelings. For those that are in their first few years of marriage and are so frustrated - just know, that if you're willing to put the work in, it all works out. Somehow just one day, everything clicks and you're just doing this thing called marriage. And then when you have days like we did yesterday, it'll suck and you'll just be more determined to do better the next. Rotten days will be more rare... I promise.

So, here's to a new day! I hope your Wednesday is amazing! 

(I know I'm probably going to be asked, but we've been married 6 years - 7 years in October.)

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