Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Party Bouncer

So, I do the whole Pinterest thing and there are so many awesome ideas and stuff that I see on there. One of them was this...

That my friend is a "Party Bouncer"! Have you ever tried to take pictures of friends in dark lighting situations and the flash is just too bright? I know I have, minus the party situation of course because I have no life.

Here are some NON EDITED STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CAMERA pictures I took really quick for this post. I took them at about 6:30 at night and the house was very dim.

Pretty good for a flash shot huh? Light is pretty evenly dispersed all around my subjects/fellow partiers. 

See the difference? I could of probably upped my ISO a bit (it was at 200) for these shots taken in a completely unlit and dark room. 

I know you guys have seen my flash experiments before with a point and shoot camera (here and here), but I'm just excited to make my DSLR work better for me. I encourage everyone to try this! Even this technique in light settings that aren't terrible, but could be slightly better would still benefit from this little trick. It'll make your indoor pictures so much better! I just love that the light spreads so much more evenly. I consider this just an easy way to get a good shot most of the time without trying (you know what I mean?). For more information on how to construct one of these, go here

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