Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday is a workin' day

Saturday was all about yard work! Jeez.

I can't believe how much more of a grown up I feel now after having the responsibility of taking care of a lawn. We're renters, but we've never rented anywhere with a yard, and so we had to buy a lawn mower. Yikes. And 300 bucks later we're ready to go. Actually, Josh did the mowing. I pulled up random weeds growing on the walk up. It was a pretty crazy job actually. It took Josh 4 hours to get everything done since we have that giant back yard and all. Also, did I mention we haven't cut our grass in 2 solid months? We were so ashamed to be seen by our neighbors! Every time we'd see one of them, we'd make a mad dash to the house or the car. Never making eye contact. It's nice to not be embarrassed anymore.

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