Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Smack my face off.

So what exactly IS the terrible twos? 'Cause I'm suspicious that I've been a victim. I'm thinking that Wyatt has a serious case right about now. This is what my life is like immediately upon waking... and it continues to be this way until 7 o'clock at night, when he suddenly turns into an angel child. He's always in the best mood in the evenings and at night, which makes going out in the PM a breeze... but before that, we get a general shit fit.

Isn't that weird? Anyone else have a kid that is a night owl? Speaking of that, I can't get him to sleep some nights before 10. I lay him down at 9 and he's up talking to himself for an hour!

In other news, we had a crazy storm come through yesterday. We were dying in our 90 degree weather and then BAM! This super cooling thunderstorm hit us...and by us I mean, it hit this tree in my back yard.

Oh, and don't forget to ask your QUESTIONS over at The Paper Mama! She's featuring me and needs some questions to ask. So if there's anything you've ever wanted to know, go on over and leave it in the comments. It'll be really fun!

Also, I've taken down the links to these pages (not in my about me though), but if you'd like to keep up with me, you can now with all media platforms!

Have a great DAAAAAAYYYYY.

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