Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We took Wyatt to the movies!

For Memorial Day, we decided to actually go out (it was 100 degrees!). Whenever there's some sort of holiday, I just get this crazy pressure that we should do something... different? I don't know. My husband ACTUALLY had the day off, and so I was itching to get out of the house.

So, wait for it....


We've been talking about doing this for a few weeks, ever since we heard that Kung Fu Panda 2 was coming out (we're big fans of the first one). We partially had selfish intentions - you see, we REALLY wanted to see it ourselves, and well, it's a cartoon so we figured Wyatt might like it. It really was great! He did surprisingly well. We coaxed him to sit still with rasinettes and *GASP* sips of Dr. Pepper. The last 20 minutes he was over it though, so I took him out to the hallway and I chased him up and down to get his pent up energy out. But really, I think that's pretty good for a 19 month old. I was honestly expecting much worse.

Before the movie we played 2 games of pool, alternating between who was watching Wyatt (keeping him from running down the bowling lanes). The theater that we go to is called Cinebistro and it has bowling lanes, a bar, and a restaurant - so it's really neat. The whole get up is total 30's and very swanky. When you're there you feel like you should be dressed up in a cocktail dress.

It was a great day and a monumental day at that. I felt like yesterday was a sign that more freedom is around the corner! That Wyatt is TRULY becoming a tag-a-long kinda kid and that we'll be able to enjoy more things. Isn't that selfish? But I've been longing to have the freedoms from how life used to be, and I'm just excited that Wyatt is able to handle more and more experiences. :)


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