Saturday, May 7, 2011

Week in cell phone pics...

Linking up with Amy today... she does this week in cell phone pics link up and it's pretty fun. Because we all know we take a bazillion cell pics. And where else can you display all of your myspace angles but with an awesome link up like this one!?

So let me pretty much explain to you the gist of things - I'm an arrogant fool.

Also I take lots of pics of Wyatt and of Josh and Wyatt together. We went skateboard shopping earlier this week and we spend quite a bit of time in our back yard. The end.

I also hope all you Mamas out there are sleeping in tomorrow. Because we freaking deserve it yo. Josh better instantaneously wake up as soon as Wyatt wakes up tomorrow morning. I don't even want to be disturbed for a second. 

Everyone have an awesome night!

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