Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wyatt's 18 month well baby appointment

Today's doctor's appointment went well... Wyatt is 32 inches tall and 24.7lbs. He's pretty much in the 50th percentile all around. I was pretty sure he was going to rank average, and I was right. I noticed that he wasn't looking as little anymore around other kids his age. :)

The doc did get on me for Wyatt's speech development. UGHHHHHH. I hate feeling inadequate. 

So, Josh and I talked about it and we decided we're going to do a few things to help him along. For starters, no more TV. We watch TV here, and we do go out too, but while we're home we're not going to be watching TV as much. We're also going to be trying to make him say words before we give him things... like, the world milk for instance. We'll be repeating words over and over until he gets it. I know these are obvious things, and things that I do... but I just don't believe I was doing it enough. So we're going to try to push it even more.

The doctor did give me a number to a speech therapist that will come to my home and evaluate Wyatt for free. She suggested I wait a month to see how he does after our hardcore talking lessons... we'll see. I'm a little bit frustrated but we'll see. I'm just feeling down about myself like I'm just not doing enough... and frankly, I don't think I am. Sometimes I think I'm on the computer or playing on my phone or dabbling in the kitchen more than talking and playing with my kid. I feel so guilty! Ugh! So, it's going to be all about Wyatt around here... uuuugggggghhhhhhhh.......

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