Friday, June 10, 2011

3 things...

So, a few things this Friday Morning...

1. I've completed 8 days of the shred! Yes, I've even been doing it while I've had guests over. I just make sure to get up earlier so they don't catch me squatting all over the place (gross visual). I feel really really great! No more pain from working out at all. I'm definitely ready to move up to the next level I think. Maybe I'll start today? I did break down and weigh myself, but there is no difference in the scale! But I feel healthier and toner. I plan on going full force again this week.

Naptime Momtog

2. I'm probably not going to be freaking out too much over this Top Baby Blogs thing anymore. I feel like it's just a huge hassle and a lot of competition. While I'd love to get votes, I just don't want to beg for them anymore. I don't want people who read my blog to feel like I just want them to vote for me all the time. So, if ya feel like it... and you like this blog... then maybe you could vote? But if you don't, or just don't feel like dealing with clicking on things just to enjoy my blog, then just forget it! Who cares about it anyway!? Sit back, relaxxxxxxxxxx (multiple x's just incase you wanted to relax a different way).

3. Tonight I plan on announcing the winner of the Flourish bracelet giveaway. So please, be sure to get your entries in if you haven't already! You can enter a number of ways!

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