Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hampton Farmer's Market (Steppin' Out)

The Farmer's Market wasn't actually what I was expecting. In fact, it was kinda small, but we still loved it and really had fun. There was a few booths that were selling some awesome stuff and a couple of produce stands (got a bunch of carrots!). The music was pretty good (I guess Tonic played a couple of weeks ago? weird), but the best part of the entire day was this awesome store called ModernLux. I was in LOVE. The best vintage store ever! I got a pair of Tony Lama cowboy boots for 25 bucks. I'm wearing them below, aren't they awesome!?

DEETS - Dress from Target.
Cowboy boots - Vintage Tony Lama

We had lunch at the Taphouse and guys, I was BAD today. I drank a bloody mary, I had a fried shrimp popper Po'Boy and ice cream later at a cute little ice cream shop. Oh, and we stopped at dairy queen last night too. GOD. I FEEL GUILTY. Although, I still plan on doing the shred despite my very terrible eating habits. Every once in a while I just go crazy and eat whatever I want. But truly, I do it every once in a while. You just gotta get it out of your system sometimes.
Today was a really nice day and I plan on checking out this farmers market regularly if I can. I met some really cool people (you all know who you are) and I really hope to make some good friendships with the vendors down there! 

Here's a clip of Wyatt playing in the water feature at the towncenter (no where near the farmers market).


For those curious about how level 3 of the shred went - diggity dang. My body quit on me like 100 times. I'm going to keep going though. Let's just say Anita is my friend.

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