Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Toddler

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Mine was pretty good. Sunday I met an awesome couple and took their engagement photos, so that was pretty neat. So look out for that...

When I got home, I was of course greeted with a super happy toddler. I swear, leaving the house and then coming back is always worth it because of Wyatt's complete excitement. It's such a happy boost to your soul. Josh and I always get excited for it, isn't that funny? It's pretty great. I hope he'll always be excited to see me. Although Josh tells me it would be pretty weird for him to be jumping all over us at 16, but Wyatt's my baby and I wouldn't mind (although I know that would never happen). 

Still kicking ass with Insanity. I've lost 2 lbs in 4 days and I'm pretty stoked about that. Although, it might be because I stopped drinking 650 calories worth of coffee and half and half in the morning. I figured it out one day exactly how many calories I was drinking in half and half and was so disgusted. How on earth could I lose weight just drinking all my calories like that? I really suggest you cut your creamer intake in half if you want to lose a few pounds. I'm completely cutting it out. But the coffee addiction is strong. Sometimes I'll just be sitting there, and then I get the taste of a latte in my mouth. It's so bad that if I hear/see someone talking about coffee, I instantly get a pang to get one. I'm hoping this edge will go away. Just typing about all of this is making me all squirmy. I know I could drink coffee black, but I just don't like it. 

In other news, I'm doing a giveaway over at Hi, Baby blog. So if you'd like to win a banner and button from me, go over there an enter. :)

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