Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I just might be a Juice Head.

So, I ordered my juicer fromt Target last week and it finally got here yesterday. I busted that bad boy out and got to work right away. I've been itching to try this juicing thing out. I want to be healthier and to sneak more fruits and veggies in Wyatt's diet. (Totally been inspired by Mandey and Renee.)

My juicer is super simple and easy to use. I got this one. I had never juiced anything before but I figured it looked simple enough, so I just went for it.

I combined about 4-5 kale... sprigs?, 1 apple, a handful of baby carrots, and a grape fruit for my first concoction.

It was awesome... and from that point on I became a Juice Head.

I tried to share the juicing love with Wyatt, but he wasn't THAT impressed.

I made him a spinach, blueberry, cherry, apple, watermelon combo and he only took a few sips before turning his nose up. I cut it in half and added milk and he was cool with it. I don't really give him too much juice in general. Mostly because he usually prefers it and then I can't get him to drink milk, and I feel like he gets enough fruit that I'm not worried about him getting juice. But he doesn't get enough vegetables, that's for sure. I'll definitely be making more milk based smoothies with the vegetable juices I'm going to be making in the future. 

So I have a few questions. I'm sure some of you are very avid Juice Heads and can enlighten me with your wisdom...

1. What are cost effective ways to juice? Are there any short cuts that you guys use that is cheaper in the long run? I find that you have to use a lot of produce just to get a decent amount of drink going. Help me here! I honestly can't afford to buy pounds of produce every week.

2. What are some delicious veggie/fruit combination recipes that you drink?

3. Which vegetables produce the most juice AND are also the most healthy? I want the biggest bang for my buck.

4. Are there any tricks to getting as much juice out of foods as possible?

cute hair bow from ashley i got yesterday! 

I'm really excited about all of this! Let me know what you guys think! What should I know?

In other news, I completed a new banner for a customer. If you want to see it, go here. 

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