Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meet some of my sponsors!

1. I am from Ontario, Canada.
2. A few things about me? I'm 19, half Italian and half Filipino, I have a passion for singing (took vocal lessons and performed in musicals and competitions), and I am a social media/internet/broadcasting/graphic design lover. As for my blog, Dear Carter is continuously evolving. It was once a pregnancy journal which then became a baby memory keeper and now it's a way of sharing my life, thoughts, and dreams. 
3. How will I ever choose this one? I love to travel. Seeing the world is up there on my bucket list. If I HAD to pick, I'd say Grand Cayman Islands. I love the ocean dearly!
4. Cannolis for sure!
5. I actually don't have a favorite band. I love all types of music - from country to pop to R&B. 
6. I have a routine when it comes to checking my favorite sites. It is kind of an obsession to be honest. Every time I get on the computer, I go the following sites: my Gmail, my Facebook, my Twitter,, Pinterest, and my trusty Google Reader. My all time favorite blogs are IROCKSOWHAT (duh!), Harper's Happenings, Bringing Up Bumble, A Good Life, The Paper Mama, Sometimes Sweet, A Beautiful Journey, Busy Bee Lauren, Moorea Seal, and Young House Love. So many, right? But they are all so amazing!

 1. Where are you from? Amarillo and Mineral Wells, Texas
2. Tell us a little bit about your blog/site/shop/you: BLOG. SHOP.
My shop has flowers, moths, butterflies, vintage inspired pieces, and lace. It grows every month. When I buy something online, I always HATE shipping costs - which is why everything in my shop is shipped free inside the US. My prices are also always low, but quality made. My blog is about my husband and I's new journey after losing everything. We're working ourselves up to invest in real estate, talking about starting a family, and photo-documenting our travels.
3. Favorite vacation spot- San Diego, California. La Jolla, specifically. My husband is from there, so I love seeing where so much of his growing took place.
4. Favorite food - Chicken and jalapeƱos! 
5. Favorite band - I love The Black Keys, Cake, Adele, Florence and the Machine, and Yann Tiersen. 
6. Some of your favorite sites/blogs/shops- (Aside from IROCKSOWHAT, of course)

1. Where are you from? Charlotte, NC
2. Tell us a little bit about your blog/site/shop/you- BLOG. I'm a registered nurse. My husband is a producer/musician. Together, we're raising five kids. I blog about my family, natural living and attachment parenting, & motherhood in general.
3. Favorite vacation spot-  I'll take the mountains or the beaches of the Carolinas over an exotic island any day.
4. Favorite food - SUSHI! SUSHI! SUSHI!
5. Favorite band - I could listen to my husband all day, every day. Y'all should look him up! - we're working on a lullaby record right now. We have a studio in our house, so it's never quiet or boring around here.
6. Some of your favorite sites/blogs/shops- I enjoy sites like Twitter, where you have to be creative when communicating with others - 140 characters is a fun challenge! I also enjoy meeting other bloggers around the internet. I'm relatively new to the networking part, though I've been blogging since 2003. Thanks to people like you, Jess, I'm learning the ropes!

1. Where are you from? Born in CA, lived briefly in a few different places, then raised here in Hawaii.
2. Tell us a little bit about your blog/site/shop/you- My blog is just about me, my family and our daily adventures.
3. Favorite vacation spot- Well I live in Hawaii so I'll just say the best place I've been other than here is San Francisco and my dream place to visit is London. 
4. Favorite food - Anything with salt.
5. Favorite band -Too hard to answer.
6. Some of your favorite sites/blogs/shops- (he's way funnier than Perez),, shows!),

1. Where are you from? NOVA aka Northern Virginia. Right outside DC. Born and raised. Actually my front yard is in Falls Church and my back yard is in Arlington. True Story.
2. Tell us a little bit about your blog/site/shop/you- My name is Ashley. Some people call me Jo. No not really i just made that up everyone calls me Ashley. I blog over at The Peanut Gallery. I talk a little about fashion a little about my upcoming wedding and a lot about my family and my squishy ittle baby girl who will be two in July! You should come say 'Hi' it's a good time. 
3. Favorite vacation spot- That I have actually been to? Rehoboth De. It's where I met my fiance and it's where he comes from. I love the beach and the Avenue. I love the small boutiques and hole in the wall restaurants. Favorite vacation spot that i've never been to but Im sure it would be if I ever went? Tuscany, Greece, South Africa, St Thomas, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland.. I REALLLLY want to travel can you tell? 
4. Favorite food - Oh um I love food. All kinds. Meal? my moms meatloaf and mashed taters or my dads pot roast. Snack? Chips and dip or cheese and crackers. I really like cheese. 
5. Favorite band -  Im really not a huge music girl. I love music but I just don't know a lot about it. If I had to pick a band though Id say Queen or The Beatles or Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers or Spice Girls. 
6. Some of your favorite sites/blogs/shops- 
Blogs: IROCKSOWHAT (obvs) TART, Harpers Happenings, Ohdeardrea, A Good Life, She Breaths Deeply, Delirious Rhapsody, A Beautiful Mess I could really go on for days... a link to my faves 
Sites: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Baby Center, Etsy the usual
Shops: Modcloth, Ruche, Spotted Moth, Free People, Betsy Johnson

Please stay tuned for more sponsor interviews.... :) In the mean time, check out these lovely ladies. 

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