Monday, June 20, 2011

Melting Pot date (Mother's day re-do)

So my Mother's day was pretty darn good! Josh really did his best to make it all about me yesterday and it was so nice! I feel sort of guilty that he gave up his father's day, but he said that he doesn't really think Father's day is that big of a deal and there's really nothing anyone could do to make it out of the ordinarily better. Because, let's just be honest here - he pretty much lives his life like it's Father's day. The guy gets to take naps. Enough said.

ANYWAY - NOT GOING TO BITCH - going to appreciate... okay, so... great night last night! I ate to the MAX and was literally carrying a food baby when I left The Melting Pot.

josh's idea of being funny.

We left Wyatt to be baby sat by Sam, Michael, and Nick. He pretty much loved it of course. He loves his family, especially his Uncles. :)

i know, i know...
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