Friday, June 24, 2011

Oops, I Lied.

So you know how I said I was all going to be doing P90X? Well, SIKE! We're doing Insanity instead. We've heard that people lose weight quicker on Insanity and Josh wants to lose before he starts gaining muscle again, so yep - that's what we're doing. Oh, and it's awesome because you don't need any weights (which I find annoying to use).

We did the fit test this morning and some of you asked about what my "scores" were. The test isn't really to determine what your score is, and more or less just to help keep track of your progress. We're supposed to retake the test sometime after doing the program for awhile to see what our progress is. Here's what I was able to do yesterday morning - do not laugh.

Switch Kicks - 90
Power Jacks - 37
Power Knees - 40ish (lost count)
Power Jumps - 41
Globe Jumps - 10
Suicide Jumps - 16
Pushup Jacks - 12
Oblique Planks - 48

Also, I'm just throwing in that Josh and I are dieting. No processed sugar, no bread, no dairy - just until we get control over our diets. Then we'll start adding things back in reasonably. Guys, I'm giving up coffee. I DIDN'T HAVE ANY YESTERDAY! I'm thinking of even sending my espresso maker over to Sam's just so I'm not tempted. I have a serious addiction. 

Anyway, yes I have a sunburn! We went to the beach yesterday again for a little bit. We had to leave early due to major baby meltdown. It just wasn't Wyatt's day I think.

Okay, now onto cute pictures.

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