Thursday, June 2, 2011

Peer pressure...

...can be a good thing?

Everyone in the blogosphere is doing the shred... and I'm going to give it a go. I attempted it a year ago but I was 50 pounds heavier and didn't have the drive. I quit after a couple of weeks in. I think it's great that we're all going to be holding each other accountable - and what's better than knowing that hundreds of people are watching you... waiting to see your updates?

I probably will be giving myself a day or two off a week. And I just did it without weights and I'm still feeling really weak, so maybe I'll introduce weights later. Maybe not. Whatever.

So, my befores -

Measurements - I've never taken them before! I'm going to be doing this work out journey a different way. I will not be weighing myself... maybe ever? I'm going to just do my measurements. I think this may be a bit more motivating and less discouraging... I encourage EVERYONE to do it this way. 

Bust - 34 inches
Upper waist (smallest part) - 28.75 inches
Natural waist (across the belly button) - 31.75 inches
Butt/Hips - WHOPPING 40.5 inches
Left and Right arm - 11 inches
Right thigh - 25 inches
Left thigh - 24.5 inches

(I measured everything around the largest part of my body. It's probably not totally accurate, but I'll just be sure to measure the exact same spots in 30 days)


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