Thursday, June 16, 2011


Lately, I've noticed that everyone is having a problem with bratty-itis with their kids. Can I just say that Wyatt is being SUCH A PUNK lately? Seriously, yesterday was really annoying and hard for me. He will throw public meltdowns at a drop of a hat. And really, I'm softening it for you. Because it's way worse than a public meltdown. He seriously will stick his hands on his face and scream as hard as he can for as long as his little lungs will let him - totally Home Alone style and it's embarrassing. We just look at him like we can't even believe we're dealing with this right now. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on my tip toes, making sure to not piss him off - since it will essentially screw me in the long run if I set him off. I don't like living like this, and I absolutely don't agree with living like this. I really don't condone this behavior and I want to make it stop, I just don't know how. We've stepped up our punishing for sure, and it just makes the behavior worse. He's just a big bonafide turd. I'm pretty sure Wyatt's motives are to ruin and dominate my life (he takes after me so much).

(telling him to stop)
These pictures are just funny 'cause he's being so ridiculously whiney. 

And this video isn't so bad, but I just think it's funny how he acts whenever asked to say words. I'm convinced he's not talking because he's a punkass and just literally doesn't want to (the words I've asked him to say he totally knows how to say). 

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