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1. Where are you from? A little tiny town called Mapleton Iowa. And now I live in Orange County, CA.
2. Tell us a little bit about your blog/site/shop/you- Mama Mandolin is a shop that reflects my love of being different. I don't pick out normal patterns in my every day life and my style is very eclectic. The shop is full of cute things for both ladies and little dudes. (More to come on the dudes, soon.) I also have a blog, (Mama and the Dudes) that pretty much chronicles my every day life. The boring and the exciting. Usually a little bit of both.
3. Favorite vacation spot- anywhere in the Rocky Mountains. I feel at HOME there. There's something about mountains that makes me feel 100% at peace. I feel like I can breathe. 
4. Favorite food - Dill pickles. My mouth waters just thinking about them. Really, my mouth is watering RIGHT now.
5. Favorite band - Impossible question. Incubus. Guns N Roses. Bob Marley and the Wailers. I could go on forever.
6. Some of your favorite sites/blogs/shops- Pinterest has taken over my life. 

1.  Where are you from? seattle, wa --> born & raised.
2.  Tell us a little bit about your blog/site/shop/you-when i was pregnant i was told over & over how much my life would change when i had a baby.  it freaked me out & i thought that meant life ended.  i've survived my first year of motherhood & i'm here to say {and blog} about how life doesn't end after baby.  i still date my husband, i still put on makeup & heels, i still work out, & we still love to travel.  i'm living proof that a life after baby can be good.
3.  Favorite vacation spot? sydney, australia.  literally heaven on earth.  literally.
4.  Favorite food? anything sam (my husband) barbecues.  which is usually steak.  or ribs.  or steak & ribs.
5.  Favorite band? ahhh, it's impossible to pick one all time favorite, so this is who i'm really into right at this moment:  bright eyes.  serious love.
6. Some of your favorite sites/blogs/shops? you mean besides IROCKSOWHAT, right?  are there other blogs out there?  umm, i love rockstar diaries... that girl's got class.

1. Where are you from? Madison, WI
2. Tell us a little bit about your blog/site/shop/you- my blog is a place to chronicle stories of my life with my family.  Mainly I talk about my son and his awesomeness.  I also write about my projects such as getting the house ready to sell, screen printing, sewing, etc.  I also like to show off my attempts to be domestic and cook, which usually end up in tragic messes that I find humorous!
3. Favorite vacation spot- my house.  This may seem weird, but I travel nearly every week for work so getting a week at my house is the most awesome thing ever!
4. Favorite food - honestly, pizza.  I'll take pizza over any fancy meal any day.
5. Favorite band - I get randomly obsessed with bands and right now it's The Magnetic Fields, Mumford and Sons and Lady Gaga (I know she's not a band and I'm embarassed to admit the number of times I have listened to her new album, but I LOVE it!)
6. Some of your favorite sites/blogs/shops- Island of consumption- my bff's new food blog that is really celebrating all things Wisconsin and our love of food, Sometimes Sweet, Shannon Kelley Photography, Adventures in Dressmaking this site inspires me to sew for myself, and Made always has the best tutorials for boys clothes, which can be hard to find

1. Where are you from? Newport News, VA
2. Tell us a little bit about your blog/site/shop/you- I sell vintage clothing on Etsy. I love to go thrifting! I can lose myself in a thrift store for hours browsing through the racks and shelves. 
3. Favorite vacation spot- I've traveled all the way to California and back and my favorite place is actually my home state, Virginia. I've never been to Portland, OR but would love to go there sometime.
4. Favorite food - Tacos! I've been eating tacos for literally 2 weeks straight...
5. Favorite band - John Mayer, but not the radio-approved "Your Body is a Wonderland" stuff. I like his jazzy songs.
6. Some of your favorite sites/blogs/shops-, and

-I'm originally from VA, but we currently live in central TX.
-I'm a 21 year old stay at home mom. My son just turned 2. My husband works in MI on tugboats, so a lot of times it's just me and my son. I blog about our day to day. Occasionally, I blog about my losses & struggles through out the way of TTCing.  Mainly is stuff about my son, hence The Adventures of Curly Tot.
-My favorite vacation spot is..oh wait I've never been on vacation. Our next & first one is Sea World in San Antonio. There's so much there that we want to take Lo to see.
-My favorite food is anything breakfast related. I  absolutely love any breakfast item!  My favorite right now is biscuit and gravy & egg and cheese biscuits. Hey, I am born and raised in the south, y'all.
-I like a lot of bands really. I'm a huge country music fan ( who knew?!), pop, hip hop & r &b. It's too much for me too choose, maybe Blake Shelton just b/c he's cute.
-Some blogs I make sure I read daily are: a good life, IROCKSOWHAT, Marine Parents, Harper's Happenings, Here Comes the Sun, a little king and i, TART, The Paro Post, and The Not So Secret Confessions, Polos, Pumps, and Pacifiers. My favorite Etsy shop is Uff Da & Marine Parents shop.

1. Where are you from? I am from the midwest, but currently live in San Diego.
2. Tell us a little bit about your blog/site/shop/you- My blog is an inspiration blog - it is a little about my business {also named Acute Designs}, a little about fashion, a little about home decor, and a little about me.  About 6 months ago I quit my full time job to focus on my business.  Acute Designs is my journey from being stuck in a soul sucking job to living my dream.
3. Favorite vacation spot-  Ireland.  My husband immigrated to the U.S. about 20 years ago, but all his family is still in Ireland.  We spend 2+ weeks a year there and I love it.  The scenery is amazing, the people are friendly, and the food is far better than you would expect!
4. Favorite food - Pizza, french fries, Mexican, and ice cream {so healthy...}
5. Favorite band - Right now it is the Avett Brothers.
6. Some of your favorite sites/blogs/shops-  I love browsing Etsy for handmade gifts.  There are some amazing artists out there.  I also love Design*Sponge for inspiration, Gawker for all my pop culture news and wonderfully sarcastic and hilarious commentaries, and Scoutie Girl for my handmade/indie fix.

1. Where are you from? I'm a Jayhawk, born and raised in Wichita, Kan. Moved to the East Coast after college and now we're firmly planted in Los Angeles.
2. Tell us a little bit about your blog/site/shop/you- My blog started back in 2008 as an inspiration outlet for my photography store and has since grown into a place where I talk about everything I love -- fashion, design, photography, music, movies, and especially my 4-month-old baby girl Alexa and husband H.
3. Favorite vacation spot- Hawaii is my BFF. Places I'd like to visit one day: Greece, Bora Bora, the Maldives, Thailand, Japan, Morocco.
4. Favorite food - Oh, to pick just one. How about the perfect meal? Indian food with Thai iced tea and gelato for dessert.
5. Favorite band - The Beatles, hands down. I've seen The Strokes in concert more times than I can count on both hands, though, so they are a close second.
6. Some of your favorite sites/blogs/shops- It's embarrassing how many blogs I follow in Google Reader. And I hesitate to name names because I don't want to leave anyone out! But if I must ... I love all of the mama blogs (including, um, IROCKSOWHAT) that other sponsors have mentioned, so I'd like to give a shout-out to Kelley at And Brixton Makes Three. I identify with everything she writes about! Others I jump to as soon as I see they've updated: Bubby and Bean, Confessions of a Serial ThrifterEnJOY It. Also, my favorite jewelry store is the Vamoose.

Please check all of these guys out! Awesome blogger friends!

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