Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today is my Friday

Things have been going pretty good around here. Wyatt hasn't been very fussy/whiney - but he's replaced that annoying habit with an even greater sense of adventure. Fun times over here. (We have to tie off our cabinet doors because my little brute can BREAK the child locks off.)

Also, Wyatt eats nothing but cheese, apples, and yogurt all day. I also hide baby food in his milk still. But this is his diet. Sounds really boring. 

My diet is going amazingly. It's been so much easier now that Josh is on board. And I've been busting out my Insanity work outs everyday. Although today is my rest day and I plan on doing just that. I'm starting to feel really exhausted from them, but it's really great and I have muscles on the bottom part of my arm! You know? The flabby part?! Getting rid of it!

And I've been busting out blog banners and buttons like crazy! If you want to buy one, let me know. I'm also hosting a giveaway over at Hi, Baby blog. So if you'd rather just WIN ONE - go over there and enter!

It's been a pretty bangin' summer so far!

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