Sunday, June 5, 2011


I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday. We never made it to the beach yesterday due to Wyatt's EXTREME napping. Like, 4 hours people. And so by the time he was up it was after 4 and we just felt like it was kinda too late in the afternoon to go. So we just hung out at home and relaxed and such.

BUT, today we're going to the beach. ::::FINGERS CROSSED:::: I think we're going to head out early and make sure to be back for Wyatt's nap. We live about a 15 minutes drive from the beach and it's so nice. EDIT- Rained out. Maybe we'll just stroll around the mall?

Also, heads up - today is the last day to enter in the 100 dollar Tea Collection clothing giveaway. Announcing the winner tomorrow. If you've already entered, you can enter again. 


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