Sunday, July 31, 2011

Busch Gardens - for toddlers!

Oh man, waaaaaaaaaaay too much fun yesterday! My friends came down from Delaware and we went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. We took both of our almost 2 year olds and they had so much fun! They rode rides and played in the swim/water park. It was kinda bittersweet watching them! I couldn't believe my BABY totally was riding on rides! And sometimes, by himself. OH. GOD. He really loved every second of it. 

It was SOOOOOO hot though. Like, dude. Melting kinda hot. I'm so exhausted today. When we got home I totally busted out one of my Insanity videos and now my legs are SHOT. After walking all day yesterday and then that video, I feel like I truly got a good work out. Not sure what the plan is for today, but I'm sure it'll be great! I hope everyone has an awesome Sunday!

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