Friday, July 22, 2011

Diggin' Deep

I'm sooooo close to starting the next month of Insanity! I'm kinda scared actually! I'm in the middle of recovery week (trust me, I'm NOT resting) and I've just sorta started up running... which by the way, anyone have any advice for avoiding the shin splinting feeling? My shins are killing me right now. I actually skipped my run tonight because I feel like I'm all messed up. 

I'm also really excited about taking my measurements and doing the fit test again. I actually don't think I'll do significantly better on this next fit test, but I think I might have lost a little bit off my arms. They're looking really tone to me. 

Dang, is this post really all about how I look and me working out. Jeez. Look at this picture instead.

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