Thursday, June 30, 2011

First day of July!

Wow, July first! Honestly?! I'm so shocked by how fast June went by. Like really, it went BY(E).

I can't say I lived it up or anything on my last day of June, but here's what happened from left to right.

1. Tanned.
2. Wyatt laying on the floor watching Sponge Bob.
3. We played outside!
4. Playing hair stylist with mom.
5. Morning cuddles.
6. I love watching him sit or lay around independently. 
7. Starbucks VIA ice brew coffee is a GODSEND.
8. After his nap, Wyatt must be held for at least 40 minutes. Not kidding. A meltdown will happen if we don't.
9. My poor brother ate my disastrous curry dinner. It was AWFUL. But he's a nice boy and totally pushed through. I felt bad. :(
10. Again, relaxing before bed. Almost ready to quit for the day. 

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