Friday, July 15, 2011


Um, I literally am a terrible blogger right now because I have nothing to report for yesterday except I sat on my BOOTY most of the day and worked on stuff for Melissa's wedding.

I guess these are going on bourbon bottles? How cool. I hope I get to see pictures of everything.

1. Yesterday I guess could be monumentous in itself because Wyatt got his first icepop... which ended up being a MAJOR success. So much so that he threw an epic meltdown when I took away the melted juice that he was just holding inside the packaging. I actually ended up giving him another one because I'm Mom of the year and wanted to work out without any hassle from my toddler. YIKES. It's cool though, at least HE thought I was Mom of the year. :)

2. Then of course we went to Chipotle and met up with a friend. This is a picture of me looking INSANE.

3. I finally couldn't handle it anymore and broke down and did the dishes. Sometimes Josh and I try to see who will break and finally do them. For some reason he's got a winning streak. 

4. And of course, morning cuddles keeping wyatt from touching the computer.

I hope everyone is having an awesome day! Remember, the OUT OF ALABASTER giveaway ends today so be sure to enter it. I'll probably end it randomly late tonight (that's my style yo). So tweet and comment and share about it till your heart's content!

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