Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My personal body transformation JOURNEY!

I can't remember who asked (or how many!), but someone mentioned that I should post pictures of me from when I had my son up until now. Sorta to see the entire transformation. So, I thought I'd post a few.

(I'm 5'5'' for reference)

Christmas eve! Wyatt was 11 weeks old and I was definitely still wearing maternity pants. Probably 190lbs.

Woo. Another Christmas Eve photo (see Wyatt swinging in his bear suit in the background?). I must of been feeling skinny in this picture. Woo.

January 2010 - 3 months after Wyatt was born. I was probably 186ish here? A size 14-16 pants. I miss that pregnancy hair. It hadn't all fallen out yet. 

June 2010 - Wyatt was 8 months old. I started doing Weight Watchers on my own (no meetings) and wasn't working out. I was probably 165-170 here.

Same month - June 2010.

July 2010. Lost a little bit. Maybe like 5lbs. I'll just say I was 165ish.

November 2010 - Started that crazy super strict diet. I was probably 150 here.

February 2011 - I was only 134lb!!!! The lowest WEIGHT I've ever been. 

But, this is me TODAY. And I'm actually up an entire 10lbs, BUT I am the SMALLEST I have ever been. Don't let the scale rule you people. I actually look leaner at 144 than I did at 134. 

I'm in a size 4-6 and I'm totally okay with that. :)

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