Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday is over.

First off, I want to say is- if you're waiting on me to bust out a blog banner for you, I'M SORRY I'VE TAKEN SO LONG! I've had a mess of banner orders and my back is literally hunched over permanently from sitting in front of the computer! I promise I will get to you! But in the meantime, check out Danielle's banner that I made for her...

She's a cool girl who has a good heart and a sharp mind! She's always posting about her thoughts and feelings and her very talented photography. Check out SUBLIMELITE.

As for the rest of my day, it was good! 

I put big girl make up on today, and really, for no reason. I just feel like I really need to match my no heat curls. It's good though. It's making me actually get ready. 

Of course I went to Target and of course I was tempted by dumb things. I did NOT buy these pink mixing bowls. But really, Target? Do you need to put pink mixing bowls at my eye level? Don't you know that I'll stand in front of them and think about how I could possibly use them? THEY'RE P.I.N.K. 

And I'll have you know I sabotaged my diet tonight singlehandedly with dried sugar coated mangoes. 

Okay TV haters, look away right now.

We're in love with ADVENTURE TIME! It's straight up the best show on television right now! It's on Cartoon network and Wyatt becomes a total zombie when it's on. Actually, we all do.

And I've seen this floating around Twitter and Google+ and honestly, I find it to be so hilarious. It's good advice for those that get hater comments on their blogs. Have a good laugh.

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