Sunday, July 10, 2011


1...2...3...HIDEOUS FACE!
playing "swords"
"ooooh! swords!"
"It's cool if you don't have a sword. I'll just hit you."

We barbecued at Sam's house yesterday. It was nice and fun. Ate some turkey burgers (minus the bun for me) and just plain ol' chillaxin' the afternoon away.

So, Josh has taught Wyatt to play "swords" with anything that resembles a long stick. It's pretty much NOT awesome since he plays "swords" with people without "swords" (uh, like my head while I'm in some sort of crazy yoga move on the floor and I'm pretty defenseless). Wyatt's new talent is going to be AWESOME at the playground. I'm sure all the parents are gonna be loving us... Josh has assured me that it's necessary for him to do these things 'cause he's a boy. Jeez.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday. BYE!

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