Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WATCH ME SHOWER - Milk and Honey Naturals Product review

I met CourtneyJo about a month ago at the Downtown Hampton Farmer's Market. She has an all natural soap and solid body care shop called Milk and Honey Naturals. I was instantly drawn to her booth because I'm sorta a sucker for body care products. I. CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH. I bought solid citronella cream lotion for my son (I feel guilty choking him out with all those sprays).

I was really impressed!

She makes solid products because they have no need for preservatives of any kind because they do not contain any waters.  Not only does water cause products to go rancid and make the use of preservatives, natural or unnatural, necessary, but water in beauty products also provides no benefit.  Products consisting of raw, organic and natural butters and oils are of the highest quality and solid body care products are inimitable and the benefits are absolutely remarkable.

What also sets CourtneyJo light years apart from her competition is the fact that she chooses to only use essential oils for scent and powdered herbs, botanicals, mud’s and clays for color.  She uses nothing artificial.  A product that has chemical lab created fragrance oils and artificial dyes, besides being bad for you, also provides absolutely no benefit other than a random smell and color.  Using  natural colorants, essential oils and herbs, for instance in the Chai Latte I sampled, provide the extra hidden benefits of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, can help to relieve aches and skin ailments, stimulate healing, circulation and much, much more.

CourtneyJo sent me -

I truly loved everything! Using solid shampoo was kinda different for me to get used to, but I'm actually hooked now! I literally just take the bar to my head and scrub. It creates a nice lather and TRULY cleans my hair. I'm prone to oily hair, and it really did clean it up. My hair is incredibly soft!

The solid parfum is also very sexxxxxxxxxy! I've been wearing it like crazy and it smells very sultry. 

And hello!? The chai latte soap HAS COFFEE IN IT. Yes. Because I can't just drink it. 

I really encourage everyone to check out Milk and Honey Naturals, I'm proof that it's a quality product for a fair price. And you're supporting a Mama of twin boys!

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