Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whew. Melted.

So, if you're reading this then you survived yesterday's crazy heat. I actually didn't know it was a hot one because we stayed inside most of the day, and then finally ventured out in the evening. I'd rather do that honestly. It's just too hot to be sitting there watching Wyatt play. I know it's terrible... but I just can't. 

In other news, I RAN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS LAST NIGHT! I only ran a little over a mile, but I was still kinda proud of myself. It took me 12 minutes to even run that mile (my running app Endomondo totally let me know when I hit a mile and what my time was - good app). So anyway, I'm hoping to add a mile or two of running on top of my INSANITY workouts. Speaking of INSANITY, I finished month one and now I'm on my recovery week... which is interesting. Because the work outs are more laid back, but I'm definitely still sweating. Next month should truly be... dare I say it, INSANE? I'm looking forward to seeing some major changes in my body. All the youtube videos that I watch late at night (because I'm obsessed with before and after videos/pictures) show that people start seeing crazy change in the second month. We'll see I guess!

If you're reading this post on google reader or bloglovin' or something, you probably can't see my new blog banner. I'm really excited about it and it took me quite a bit of time... so check it out!

I'm feeling so blessed with the amount of business I've been getting and all the cool people I've been working with. I really do find making these silly little blog banners pretty fun. :)

Hope everyone has a great Thursday! We're almost through the week! Do something extra fun with your kid/dog/spouse/YOURSELF!

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