Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whoa. Why are you laying there with your eyes closed?

I live with a bunch of lazy bums I guess. Or maybe I'm just jealous? Even when I'm given the opportunity to nap, I'd much rather get some sort of project done. I feel like a zombie most days, not because my son keeps me up, but because my mind KEEPS ME UP. I for real am wondering if I have some sort of insomnia?

I actually can't believe I do this to myself every single night. I stay up soooooo late, and then I'm cussing myself out in the morning. And then, despite being exhausted, I stay up even later the next night! I'm not just playing around though on the computer, so I have to cut myself some slack. I'm usually doing some sort of design work (I FREAKING LOVE IT!).

Well, have a great Tuesday! A very good friend of ours came home last night from Kuwait and so we're just super happy to have him back in our lives again. He's one of those friends that we don't have to actually PLAN or DO anything specific with. He just tags along in our daily lives, and because of that we've really become close since we witness everyday life together.


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