Thursday, August 11, 2011

Feeling discouraged.

I think I've reached that weird point in a workout/weightloss journey when you start plateauing. Or maybe your desire/motivation starts dwindling down. I'm not giving up, but i'm definitely....
(yes i made this.)
My measurements haven't changed and I'm feeling kinda gross and a blob.

I haven't lost anything and my measurements are pretty much the same.

Okay, time to take a serious look at what's going on here.

+First off, as I type this, I'm totally snacking on dried sugary mangoes. I'm snacking a lot more! I'll watch my diet very strictly for a few days and then I'll totally just go nutso and sabotage everything. I think I'm just tired of dieting so it's becoming easier and easier for me to cheat. But, if I ever want to see any real change, I need to get serious again about my eating. Weightloss is 80% diet. I gotta watch what I put in, and nutella has been my enemy. (JUST KIDDING NUTELLA, I LOVE YOU)

+My water consumption is dwindling down to nothing. Like, yesterday I had 4 cups of coffee and 1 bottled water. Whoa. Not good. I need to start downing that shiz.

+SLEEEEP. I used to be able to sleep. Now, I'm just so busy with my side business and raising a family and just trying to find time for myself, I'm just not getting any. I need to figure out a balance for all of this. hahaha... actually, forget it. It's impossible.

+AAAAAAND, because of all the things above, my work outs have been sucking. I can tell I'm just not pushing myself as hard as I need to. I think I'm capable of more. I only have about 2 more weeks left of month 2, but I'm excited to restart month 1 again. I feel like I can push myself so much harder in month 1 (of Insanity).

I'm sorry for those of you that are looking to me for inspiration and hope as far as weightloss/toning goes. I'm sucking bad lately. I just need to try harder and do better! Let this be a testament that weightloss and getting fit is no easy feat and that it's a day by day sorta thing. I know I'm not going to get a quick fix with this. This will easily be a long journey. Bleh.

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