Monday, August 8, 2011

Got that feeling...

I've been feeling really... odd lately. I'm constantly feeling this really weird pressure and it's coming from no where. No one is actually pressuring me, I think it's just me. I'm having a really weird and overwhelming desire to do something with myself. Be something. I'm constantly motivated and I'm always trying to just catch up with myself. It's like I can see something in my mind, and I know it's what I want to do... but how do I get there?

I'm so inspired by art and design and I want to really excel! I'm always thinking and dreaming of design... even showering with design. I see things now in such a different way. Everything is a possibility, I'm just trying to figure out a way to execute. 

This is probably the VERY first time in my life that I have been inspired by anything. I have to be honest. Growing up, I really didn't care about being a grown up in the working world. I just wanted to make out with my boyfriend (yes, it was Josh) and be married to him one day. I couldn't see past that. It was my only real goal. And then when that happened, I honestly threw myself into shopping since it was such a feel good feeling and I already achieved my goal. I had a serious addiction and it was really my favorite hobby. Now? I don't really care about shopping for myself and I just want to create, and I never really knew I had that desire. I've always been sorta creative, and interested in things that were creative (look at what I used to do in middle school/high school), but good Lord, it's like the flood gates opened now. {Wow, this little paragraph is so weird and random. Blogging at 12:30 at night should be illegal.}

At this point, I'm just trying to figure out the next steps. What do I need to do? What paths should I take? School or no school? It's all so confusing and exciting. 

If you have a dream or a passion or a love, I really recommend you go for it. Even if it's not the best paying. Feeling inspired and loving what you're doing is far greater than being rich (although, being rich would be freaking awesome). 

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