Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Have you checked out the Rad Lab?

Do you ever have a hard time with editing your pictures? I do sometimes. I look at my endless list of photoshop actions and think, "What kind of look am I trying to go for?"

I'm sure you all have heard of Totally Rad! Photoshop Actions. They're extremely unique and probably my most used photoshop actions. Now- the people from Totally Rad! have this awesome editing tool called the Rad Lab that is used in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, and it'll cut your editing time in half. You just open the plug-in and it pretty much does everything for you.

Here's a screen shot of the Rad Lab opened up in my Photoshop CS5. On the left is your original picture (you can do your basic edits first, or you can do a quick clean up edit in the Rad Lab). On the right you'll see what your picture will look like with each action/edit. In this picture, I'm showing you all the basic adjustments that I can use on this photo. The best part? Just hovering your mouse over the action/edit will give you a preview of what your picture will look like. That saves time! How many of you have ran an action just to have to undo the whole thing?

When you're done selecting all of the edits you want, you simply click finish at the bottom of the program and it'll apply your recipe. You can even save recipes that you love and that saves even MORE time.

Here are a couple of pictures that I edited all funky just so you can get an idea of all the cool and endless possibilities you have with the Rad Lab. I love that you can mix and match all of these looks to create your own unique look.

I strongly suggest you check out Totally Rad and their awesome Rad Lab if you're looking to make your editing quality better and faster. I'm seriously in love with this editing tool.

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