Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hiya friends

So, I've been away from the internet world for the past few days. My step mom came to visit and to pick up my brother Nick, and now they're on their way to Florida where they're moving. It's been nice having my brother here for the summer. Although, we didn't do too much, it was cool just hanging out and talking and watching tv together. He's getting older and it's totally crazy to me. He's 16 guys. 16! I was dating Josh when I was 16!!! For some reason, that just puts things into perspective for me.

Wyatt's been really good the past couple of days too! He's seriously tripled the amount of food that he was eating. Not even kidding! I've cut back on his milk intake and have started to give him water and juice. Now, he straight up asks for food and eats A LOT. I feel kinda bad for not really doing this before. I was so worried about how much milk to give him, that I think I was over doing it. He was pretty much on a milk diet! (okay, not really but pretty much)

And I just want to tell people that have ordered new banners from me that I'm sorry that I haven't been able to bust them out like I was doing. I'm a bit backed up and life has been hectic, so please be patient with me! :)

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