Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene part 1

So the storm hasn't hit us here on the eastern shore of Maryland yet. We're still waiting it out. I decided to come up and hang out with family during the storm because I didn't feel like being stuck at home without power with a toddler. Oh god, can you imagine? I'm mourning the loss of all the frozen steaks, ground beef, and chicken breasts. Ah, oh well I guess.

I did bring my computer up with me, and so hopefully if our power doesn't go out (we have a generator though) I'll still be connected. 

If you're semi interested in following me through this storm, you can always check out my twitter or instagram. Username is IROCKSOWHAT for both.

If you're just hanging out waiting for Irene/living through Irene, I'm sending you good vibes!

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