Thursday, August 18, 2011


Yes, it happened. Somehow I was lucky enough to get an awesome 32 GIG iPhone from one of Josh's co-workers. She had bought it but then had second thoughts about the data package that goes along with it, and I guess she was in need of a box spring bad enough to sell her 1 week old phone. I AM SO WINNING RIGHT NOW. I guess she's not though. :(

Oh, and Michael - THE BROTHER IN LAW - put Lion OS on my mac and now it's working like a super boss. I'm so high tech ya'll.

So, now that I am Apple's bitch, it feels kinda good drinking the Instagram kool aid. You can follow me at irocksowhat. 

I can't stop looking and playing with my new phone! Anyone have any awesome app suggestions? I'm an app junkie. 

In other news, here's a little creation I made just recently.

I'm feeling ready to start jumping back into my little business again. I had way too much on my plate last week and really zero time to myself. It was much needed, but now back to work. So, if you're expecting an email from me, just know I'll be getting to you soon.

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