Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene Part 2

So, Irene has come and gone. I don't know how I feel about that hurricane. She was mostly just annoying and time consuming. I drove 4 hours north of Hampton, Virginia to my home town on the eastern shore of Maryland. It was nice being with family and waiting out the storm together, but I missed Josh (he volunteered to go help with his squadron to evacuate the base to Fredericksburg, VA). We skyped a few times while I was gone, so that was nice.

I drove back home yesterday evening and when I got here we had no power! It sucked and it was very HOT. Of course yesterday was sunny, balmy, and 92 degrees! So we lit candles and used some snap glowsticks. I did attempt to go find a cooler and ice to save some of the food that still managed to stay cold in the freezer, but after two hours I could only find a cooler and absolutely NO ice. So, luckily my neighbors spared a few frozen water bottles that I could use to save a few items. We sent a bunch of our freezer foods to a friend's freezer (but he only had one of those little mini freezers so it was only the essentials that went). My poor sister still doesn't have power! Our power came back on at 3:30 this morning, and I was seriously so STOKED when it did. I jumped up and immediately closed all the windows and turned on our fans and cranked up the AC. I need modern technology/living.

This morning I had a lot of cleaning and organizing to do. We moved all of our electronics up high, so I had to reconnect our tv and internet, and I had to throw away all the foods that were in the fridge. And there's a peculiar moldy smell right now in this computer room, and I'm wondering if there's water under the carpet or in the walls somewhere? UGH.

Anyway, so life is generally back to normal and my inbox is out of control! And if you're expecting a banner/email from me, please be patient! I need some time to get my life back on track! In the mean time, check out my guest post for Jenni From The Blog. Love that girl.

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