Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nikole Bordato! - Check her out!

I'm sorta kinda IN LOVE with Nikole Bordato's fresh and crisp photography. She's based out of Edmonton, Alberta, BUT YA'LL SHE'LL TRAVEL ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

OMGOMGOMGOMG I FEEL SO INSPIRED TO TAKE PICTURES RIGHT NOW. I really love how Nikole isn't afraid to get THE ENTIRE scene in a picture. I personally can't stand seeing nothing but cropped photos. I love capturing the backgrounds too, and she does an amazing job of it. I really think her photography is such an art, and it's totally gorgeous. She has such a way of capturing awesome moments.

If you're looking for a GOOD photographer, I really suggest you call up Nikole.

PHONE NUMBER - 780.803.3282

or go here to send her a message on her site. If you follow her blog, you'll see such pretty pictures of all of her photo sessions. I find it really inspiring to look at her photography.

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