Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Resentment is probably my biggest downfall. I let it build up and swelter in my chest and I completely dwell on it. And honestly, I think I've become MORE resentful since I've become a Mom. This is not good.

Do you have a problem with feeling like you do everything? I just can't seem to let it go and just "be normal", especially when I'm feeling like I'm being so wronged. What's the answer for this? I see so many Moms seem so happy and that they just love to serve

I need to let go of this resentment because it's negatively effecting my relationships. I think the only thing I can do is focus on making myself happy, instead of relying on someone to come in and make everything easier. This blog post is so vague. I'm sorry. I was just thinking about how I'm sick of feeling like the world is against me, and that maybe it's more ME that needs to adjust some things. 

How do you handle that resentment feeling? I think I need advice. 

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