Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some MORE sponsors you should know about...

Chelsey is my friend! She has a shop that she runs alongside her amazing blog (THE PAPER MAMA). She's into paper crafts, drawing, design, photography, and blogging just to name a few. I strongly suggest you check her out. She's super nice and is friendly to all people... (well maybe not all people). 

SARBEARS JOURNEY is a cute blog! All about Sara. She blogs about her pets, food, crafts, HER LIFE. She also runs a shop called Rummage Bug Vintage and she's currently offering IROCKSOWHAT readers 10 percent off your purchases by entering IROCKSOWHAT as your discount code. AWESOME!

SOUL SINGING LIV is a sweet blog about a family of 4. Olivia is a nurse and a mom to two girls. I really like Liv's attitude towards life and her love for her husband is so strong, you can just feel it through your computer. Very happy little family. 

VERY cool mom, Rachel, blogs over at AND THEN, SHE SNAPPED. She's a mother of 4 and she is constantly cracking me up with her witty sarcasm. She's also pretty great at taking some rad photos, so if you're a visual person, you should probably DEFINITELY follow her blog.

Oh jeez, what's there to say about Jessica over at TART? Stylish? MILF? Cute baby maker? Jessica lives in Hawaii and raises her daughter with her husband. They're musicians and have a doe eyed baby. The end. 

I like Ashley. She's my fraaaand. She's crazy funny and is currently planning her wedding! So, it's kinda interesting seeing how that plays out as she juggles being a mom too. Her blog is THE PEANUT GALLERY and it's just loaded with lots of life stuff. She's one relatable gal.

Aw Allie. Her and I have been following each other pretty much since we've even started blogging. So I feel like I know her pretty well just through reading her posts. Her son Henry is hilarious and she's always updating funny pictures of the stuff he does. It's pretty entertaining. She blogs at IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

Who doesn't like to read about fur babies? Over at THE KISSY PEARL, Meg blogs about her life and just recently her new puppy too. I'm really liking her Lovely Thursdays posts and her wedding inspiration boards. She's a cute girl that is ready to start a life with her fiance. Sweet read.

Deanna! I'm dying over her most recent post about "Stepping out" to see My Morning Jacket. I always imagine that I would be her friend in real life. She just seems like the kinda girl I'd dig. Deanna blogs over at DELIRIOUS RHAPSODY. I also think it's pretty much awesome that she has two little boys! Busy mom. :)

Cute girl Noelle blogs over at THESE MOUNTAINS ARE MINE and she shares all of her thoughts on the deeper issues. I appreciate her honesty a lot. Along side her posts, she also throws in recipes and projects. She's definitely a deep thinker and I really admire that in her!


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