Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sponsors you should know about!

PHOTOLOVE.US is an online community for photographers. It's pretty cool and I'm actually on the site as well. You post photos and then vote up the best ones. Pretty fun and a good way to see lots of different photography styles. 

I've talked about I FIGHT FOR THE PHOQUE before. Super cool chick that writes about her adventures in France. What's great is that she talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly (and there's always stuff about sex and I'm just drawn in). Good read. 

Aw! Cute little NATASHA HANSON. Cool chick that makes cool jewelry and also blogs. I'm lucky to say that she's become my e-friend! They just recently lost their home in a fire and their poor pet too (they've since gotten another furry friend). I think it's fun to see her little daily adventures.

I think it's funny that this is the second time I've blogged about YES MA'AM while I was dieting. WHY?!!!?!? I can't even look at this blog without thinking about an excuse to order treats from them. I mean seriously, this is a family affair over at YES MA'AM and I HIGHLY recommend you order your desert needs from them. 

PINK ELEFANT is a cute shop from the people over at YES MA'AM. They make baking themed totes and cute hair bows of course. BECAUSE WHY NOT BE AMAZING AT EVERYTHING? Ha. Very reasonably priced too. 

After reading about Caitlin's love story with her husband, I was pretty much hooked on
  TO MAKE LOVE STAY. Super sweet. I just love reading about positive and happy relationships. Caitlin blogs about her life and it's always full of funny and witty banter between her and her husband Rob. Check it. 

Ah. What can I say about my homeslice-twitter-friend Elizabeth? Well, for starters, I like talking to her about living healthy and working out. She seems to have a really good attitude on the matter and I think I could learn a lot from her (she has 3 kids! super mom). 
YELLOW FINCH DESIGNS BLOG is where she blogs, and there is a link to her etsy from there as well. Cool girl. 

Please take a moment and say Hi to all of my sponsors! I mean every word I say about them. Rockin' people.

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